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Redecorating? Here’s How to Get Gutsy with Color and Design

Bold style and colors can transform your home to make it feel more fun and happy. If you’re looking to liven up your home and really make your space more exciting, follow these tips for some inspiration.

  • Use a large, oversized reflective object, such as a light fixture, to assert dominance on everything else in the room.
  • Experiment with design objects and put them out of their element. Something like placing a rug on the wall can really make a statement.
  • A patterned piece of furniture can be a great addition to your space. Something like a floral pattern on a sofa or polka dots on a chair can make an impact.
  • Turn one wall into a modern piece of art. Even using a simple splash of color on one of your walls can make a huge difference.
  • Use a patterned light switch plate instead of the plain old white ones for a fun little pop of color.
  • Instead of filling a vase with flowers, use a large leaf with a unique shape.

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