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Locally Sourced Food Stars at Bold Food & Drink

New Creation Farm resides in Chardon, OH, within a 45-minute drive of Cleveland. The ranch sells pasture-raised beef and lamb, free-range chicken, and heritage pork using humane, sustainable practices. It's the farm that Bold Food & Drink works with to source its juicy steaks—meaning they don't have far to travel from farm to fork.

When the beef arrives in the kitchen, chefs cut it into 16-ounce ribeyes, eight-ounce filets mignon, and 14-ounce NY strip steaks. Then, they sear the meat to just slightly charred in an oven that reaches a scorching 1400 degrees. And finally, they dress the steaks and pair appropriate condiments and petite greens with each slab of meat. The 16-ounce ribeye comes smothered with horseradish creme fraiche, and the center-cut filet mignon with a Madeira wine reduction. You can also dig into a steak from a ranch in Idaho, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, or Lake Erie, or a salad, burger, or small plate at Bold Food & Drink.

Bold Food & Drink
1121 W. 10th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 696-8400