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Clever Ways to Organize Shoes and Boots

If it seems like you never quite have enough room for all of your shoes, regardless of how hard you try to keep them in line, maybe it's not a matter of volume. It could just be that you need to organize your shoe collection more effectively. Here are four clever and practical ways to do just that (without spending too much).

  1. Mount colorful crates. If you want to show off your shoes instead of tucking them away beneath your bed, take this opportunity to exhibit them as works of art. Ask around at local grocery stores to see if they have any wooden crates they intend to recycle, snag a few, and paint them cute colors that match with your existing decor. Then simply mount them to the wall in your bedroom and fill them with shoes, making your own kind of gallery wall.
  2. Enlist a glass cabinet. Another great way to display your shoes (and keep them in order) is to stack them on shelves inside of a glass cabinet. Arrange them by color or other defining characteristics to create a piece that not only organizes but also adds to your room's aesthetic.
  3. Invest in a shoe bag. If you're more concerned about keeping everything orderly, and not so much making your bedroom look extra cute, then buy a simple hanging shoe bag from Amazon or Target. Make sure its cloth shelves are large enough to set your shoes side by side. You can also get an over-the-door organizer to hang on your closet door.
  4. Hang your boots. Maybe it's just your space-consuming boots that always seem to get disorganized. In that case, try hanging them using the clips attached to pant hangers. They'll be much easier to sort through hanging than strewn in a pile at the bottom of your closet.

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